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Poster „koszulkowy”

Until very recently the only way to treat the fibular hemimelia was the limb amputation. However, now there is an alternative. There is a way to save Julka’s legs from amputation.

Dr Paley from the Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute in the United States successfully operates children with similar conditions. The rehabilitation process is long and painful but the chance of success is over 99%. It means that in the future kids like Julka can enjoy normal life, with their own legs. They walk, run, practice sports and do not need to use prosthesis.

Dr Paley has over 25 years experience in treating limb deformities and congenital deficiencies. His fame is world wide; he has operated patients from more than 75 countries all over the world. He has been remarkably successful in reconstruction and preservation of upper and lower limbs and there are no specialists with comparable experience in treatment of similar defects in Poland or in the rest of Europe.

Dr. Paley has been already consulted on Julka’s case. According to his opinion, her chances for complete recovery are very high, above 99%.

The obvious obstacle to Julka’s treatment in the US is the cost. The treatment for two legs will cost over 300 000 USD (i.e. almost 1 million PLN or well over 200 000 EURO).

According to Dr. Paley, the most appropriate time to perform first surgery and lengthening would be between 18 – 24th month of Julka’s life. She just turned one so there is less and less time left.