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Poster „koszulkowy”

Julka is now almost one year old. She is a normal, cheerful girl, very active and curious. She does not crawl like other kids but she has developed her own system of moving around. And she examines carefully every corner within her reach. She loves checking her mum’s cupboards and orders them according to her preferences.

Julka likes bread rolls and bananas. She has two teeth which make her exceptional smile even more charming. Julka’s two older sisters (Iga and Zuzanna) love to play with her. They make faces and construct block towers which Julka destroys with energy, laughing aloud.

In the evenings, they read stories for Julka. Of princes, princesses, dragons. And of fairies who make miracles happen. As a miracle is much needed in this family.

Dorota, Julka’s mum is sometimes very tired. But the moments when Julka smiles and starts her cheerful baby talk give Dorota the strength to carry on.

Today, Julka is not yet aware of her handicap. She tries to get up on her feet but she cannot. The first clumsy steps that children of her age make with a happy smile remain for Julka a challenge out of her reach for the time being. But we all believe that she will get on her feet. It will be a huge step for her, costing her a lot of pain and tears but she will make it. Her incredible energy and joy of life would be enough for the entire football team.